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David Ortiz, Red Sox discussing contract extension

The Red Sox and David Ortiz are finally getting down to brass tacks.

Gail Oskin

David Ortiz and the Red Sox are finally discussing a contract extension according to John Tomase of the Boston Herald, perhaps signaling that the end is nigh for one of the more tedious stories of the offseason.

While certain members of the media (you know the ones) have seen fit to turn this molehill into a mountain, David Ortiz' desire to have the Red Sox guarantee his spot in 2015 is really not such a big deal. No, designated hitters don't generally draw top dollar, but Ortiz is an institution in Boston, and he's still quite valuable given the production he brings to a position which is basically used for bench players by the rest of the league.

Really, this hasn't been a story of the front office's reluctance to give Ortiz an extension. There's never been any indication either way from the decision makers, and it's hardly unusual that they decided to wait until both parties were in one place for spring training to actually get down to brass tacks.

Tomase brings up the possibility of a two-year deal or one-year deal with a vesting option, but with Ortiz really only seeking a one-year, $15 million extension, those will come down to the figures that would need to be involved with each deal, and Boston's financial plans in 2015.

Chances are this doesn't take long. The Red Sox aren't in a financial situation to quibble over a million here or there, and aren't looking to unsettle one of their best and most popular players. Hopefully we'll be able to put this all in the rearview mirror in short order.