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Red Sox sign Chris Capuano

The Red Sox are 'likely' to sign Chris Capuano in the coming hours, ending a brief search for starting pitching depth.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

[UPDATE]: Ron Chimelis of The Republican says the deal is done, pending a physical.


The Red Sox are 'likely' to sign veteran starter Chris Capuano according to a tweet from Nick Cafardo.

The Capuano signing is pretty clearly a reaction to the loss of Ryan Dempster, who chose to step away from baseball last week. The 35-year-old Capuano has never been spectacular, but very much can fill the role of a reliable swingman pitching from the bullpen unless an emergency start is needed.

Over the course of his career, Capuano has produced a 97 ERA+ in 1267 innings of work in the majors. Between those numbers and the fact that he has accrued them exclusively in the National League, the Red Sox would likely go to a minor league arm should they need a long-term starter. There, however, they are not lacking in depth, with Brandon Workman and Allen Webster at the top of a Pawtucket rotation full of impressive prospects.

It's not clear whether Capuano will be in on a minor or major league deal, but unlike with so many other pitchers signed by the Red Sox in recent weeks, Capuano actually has a space on the major league roster should it be the latter. The Sox would still take a non-guaranteed contract if it was on the table, but there's no indication that it is or was. Either way, though, he's very likely your 25th man on the roster.