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SoxWord 2: Who's the guy in the picture?

Do you know the name of the guy in the picture? How about the name of the bartender from "Cheers" who played for the Sox? Yes, we know those are easy ones. That's the idea.

If you know that man's name, you know 1-Across.
If you know that man's name, you know 1-Across.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends in Red Sox Internation! This is the second edition of the SoxWord, which means it's your second chance to use all that baseball knowledge that you've been saving up for another snowy day. The big questions in this one have to do with when the team won two of its more visible World Series, while some of the smaller ones ask about two briefly tenured Sox who patrolled the left side of the infield. But it's not all baseball, Boston or even sports, because you should know about other stuff than the Red Sox. If it's only enough to fill out this grid, I think you're good. -- Bryan


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