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Red Sox injury update: No (real) news is good news

A couple of bumps sum up a quiet start to spring training on the injury front for Boston.


With the beginning of baseball activities comes the beginning of baseball injuries. Jurickson Profar and Tijuan Walker have shoulder issues! Mark Mulder has somehow managed to hurt his Achilles before most of us could even get around to saying "he still exists?" And the Red Sox...well, no news is good news, and according to Jason Mastrodonato, there's not much to tell.

Well, that's not entirely true. There's quite a bit to tell, but none of it really amounts to much.

  • Jake Peavy got hit by a ball a few days ago. He's fine.
  • AJ Pierzynski rolled his ankle, and was held out of bullpen catching duties for the day, but he's fine.
  • Shane Victorino hasn't had anything new happen since his offseason surgery, and while he's not going full-bore just yet, he's fine.
  • Grady Sizemore is Grady Sizemore, and so always of concern. He's fine.

Invariably something will go horribly wrong with someone in the next 40 days. That's just how spring training works. Stephen Drew was the casualty in 2013, going down with a concussion which was likely to blame for his slow start to the season when he made his way off the disabled list. All we can do is hope that whatever happens the hit the Sox take is minimal.

Wait, scratch all that, David Ortiz is down.

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