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Watch a baseball mascot try his paw at curling

Portland Sea Dogs mascot Slugger tried to learn the Olympic sport

Now picture these dudes trying this while wearing mascot gear.
Now picture these dudes trying this while wearing mascot gear.
Julian Finney

Curling is an Olympic sport, and I'm still trying to understand how all of the scoring works. It's fascinating despite my limited knowledge, though, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so. The Portland Sea Dogs, the Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, sent their mascot, Slugger, to a curling club in Maine in order to discover the sport's secrets.

While I still don't get how scoring works after watching this -- really, I should just open up Wikipedia and read through the whole curling page while watching a match sometime -- I do understand how someone dressed up as a sea dog isn't going to have the easiest time shuffling around on ice, and also that I will enjoy watching this struggle.

Maybe an actual sea dog would dominate curling, though. They can't grip the stick, sure, but maybe they can bat rocks around on the ice with their flippers just the same.

...Okay, now I just want to see the Puppy Bowl version of curling played by seals. Or people cosplaying Elizabethan-era pirates trying their hand at the sport. I'm not picky.

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