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Mike Napoli: Still bearded

The 2013 season is over, but Napoli's beard lives on.

Ronald Martinez

The 2013 season was the year of the beard for the Red Sox, but that doesn't mean everyone has to shave and start over in 2014. Some, like Mike Napoli, are going to build on their progress.

Shaping it up is probably a good idea, since he'll look more like a member of the Wyatt family than a baseball player if he fails to tend to it at all.* Also, we'll hear far fewer complaints from people who think beards are awful, smelly things just because they are long. It's hair, you guys: you can wash it, with shampoo and everything.

*Or like former Sox outfielder Josh Reddick, who coincidentally looks like a member of the Wyatts and would also get this reference.

Napoli's beard -- "The Siesta", if you've forgotten -- isn't quite the permanent reminder of the good times that were 2013 that Jonny Gomes' tattoo is, but it'll certainly do. Especially if Napoli keeps on smashing the ball into the stands for the next two years.

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