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Joe Kelly dares Jon Lester to sign with Red Sox, offers to be best friends

How does the friendship of a colleague factor into Boston's Collective Bargaining Tax figure?

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Whether it's with Boston, Chicago, or any other team, Jon Lester is set to make a lot of money when he finally gets around to signing his new contract.  In fact, the dollars involved are so arbitrarily high that Lester himself has told the Giants he's not interested in going to the highest bidder.

With that in mind, Joe Kelly has decided to up the offer from the Red Sox considerably by less-than-conventional means:

I'm not quite sure how you'd draw that up in a contract, but what more can Lester ask for than the pride of answering a dare, and the friendship of some guy who he's actually never played with before since he was already gone to Oakland by then?

The only recourse left to Chicago? The Triple Dare, and the coup de grace of all dares, the Triple Dog Dare: