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Brewers interested in Allen Craig trade with Red Sox

If the Red Sox are willing to move Craig, the Brewers might be just the team for him.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are very likely to trade Yoenis Cespedes to help end their outfield logjam, but there is still another outfielder to be moved after that since rosters only go up to 25. As it stands, Mookie Betts would need to be optioned to Triple-A, or one of Shane Victorino or Allen Craig would need to be dealt to make sure there's room for Betts on the big-league roster. The Brewers are reportedly hoping for the latter, as the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo reports that they are interested in acquiring Allen Craig if the Sox are interested in moving him.

The Brewers did trade for Adam Lind at the start of the offseason, but Lind is horrific against lefties and doesn't have the glove to make up for it were he to start a full season. Adding Craig to the mix when he's earning just $5.5 million in 2015 makes all kinds of sense for the Brewers, as a platoon of the two players would cost them just $13 million. Craig also has the possibility of rebounding and being the better player going forward, so the Brewers don't necessarily need to have them and their salaries coexist for more than a year, either.

The Brewers could also want Craig for their outfield. but that seems a little more unlikely unless they plan on moving Ryan Braun or Khris Davis somewhere else on the field or, in the case of the latter, in a trade.

Just what the Red Sox get back for Craig is in question. The Marlins have reportedly asked in on him as well for their own first base platoon, so there is a market there, but the Red Sox shouldn't feel forced to deal him when he's under contract for two more years plus an option for 2017 if his performance merits picking it up. He's coming off of a tough season where the damage from 2013's foot injury was apparent in both his performance and swing, but before that occurred he was a well above-average threat that would fit in snugly in the Sox or just about any lineup: Crag batted .312/.364/.500 for a 136 OPS+ from 2011 through 2013, and that was with half of his games coming in a pitcher-friendly home park. Someone will have to be moved at some point, though, regardless of how good they once were, if the plan is to make Mookie Betts a starter. Don't expect this to be the end of Allen Craig rumors.