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Andrew Miller signs with Yankees, shaves beard, everything is terrible

The worst policy in baseball has claimed another victim.

Let us remember him as he once was.
Let us remember him as he once was.
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Red Sox fans probably need no reminding, but the Yankees are a terrible, terrible organization. Not in a "we don't know what we're doing and are probably going to make a terrible mess of things" sort of way, but in a "embodiment of everything that is wrong and terrible in baseball" sort of way.

Well, that team just signed Andrew Miller for four years and $36 million.  And they've gone ahead and decided to double down on that whole embodiment of everything that is wrong and terr--y'know what, let's just go ahead and shorten that to "evil"--thing.

As they have done with so many players before, including former Red Sox like Johnny Damon and Kevin Youkilis (and Jacoby Ellsbury if we're going to count that as a beard, I guess), the Yankees have forced their image on their newest player. Yes, Andrew Miller is now clean-shaven, and it is absolutely terrible:

You suck, Yankees. You really, really suck.