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PawSox unveil new logo, uniforms

They're, um, interesting...

Jeff Levering

The Pawtucket Red Sox have long donned uniforms reminiscent of their parent club, the Boston Red Sox. The classic red, navy blue and white uniform color combinations have given Red Sox fans a pretty clear idea as to what the next top Red Sox prospects could look like at Fenway Park.

Amidst reports that the team is preparing to be sold to some minority owners of the Red Sox, the Pawtucket Red Sox unveiled a new uniform for the upcoming 2014-2015 season, marking a stark departure from the classical look of the old uniforms. The uniforms seem to follow more modern design trends of striking logos, bright colors. In addition, the PawSox appear to have gone out on a limb with some design elements of the caps and the uniforms.

Some other changes include a striking new look for Paws, the Pawtucket Red Sox mascot. There appears to be both an agree Paws and a super friendly (if ever so slightly creepy) version of Paws.

And if you wanted to see what they looked like on some PawSox players...

And for those of you who yearn for the old days.

If I could add anything on these new designs, it's slightly odd that there is a bear's foot coming out of an old sock on a baseball cap. Thoughts?