OOTP June-July 2014: International Free Agents, Trade Deadline

We've done the draft, but now it's time for the International Free Agent signing period. In the game, the signing period starts is July 1st. In real life time, we'll arrive there next Tuesday, December 9th. It represents another chance to stock up on prospects, if you're willing to wait forever for a 16 year old to reach his potential.

Here are the spending rules for the IFA:

Teams may spend up to $3,000,000 on international amateur free agents per year. Penalties for spending above the cap are:
- Any amount over the cap will be taxed with an additional 100%.
- If a team spends between 5 and 10% over the cap, it won’t be able to sign more than one player for a bonus of more than $500,000 next year.
- If a team spends between 10 and 15% over the cap, it won’t be able to sign ANY player for a bonus of more than $500,000 next year.
- If a team spends more than 15% over the cap, it won’t be able to sign ANY player for a bonus of more than $250,000 next year.

This should be interesting, because there are some really high potential guys in the IFA signing period. Here are some of the guys from last year (and that's an incomplete list-- some guys signed prior to that page being published). For this year, I believe the player list is not revealed until the IFA signing season beings.

Meanwhile, playoff runs are happening. The Salem Flaming Flamingos have been clinging by a fingernail to first place, over last year's Beard Series champions the Mt. Pleasant Coal Stokers. Last month Portland Sea Dogs had a 10 game winning streak, rocketing to within 2 games of first place, but a recent 6 game skid has pushed them back.

In the Bustahs league, the San Fransisco Warlocks are in the midst of a ridiculous 15 game winning streak, putting them at 50-17. Of course season ending injuries to Rafael Sanchez and Aaron Augur aren't stopping them. After losing 4 of their 5 starting pitchers to injury for the entire season in 2013 prior to a single game being played, this isn't exactly a new challenge for the Warlocks.

And the newcomers, Travis (who manages the Seattle Ice Cream Sandwiches) and Zach (of the Tampa Bay Raycists) have dangled some significant players on the trade market. No trades have come to fruition just yet, but between those two, they could easily swing the fortunes in the Ballas League. Or maybe the Raycists will try and nab the wild card spot from the Cutpurses? We'll see. Now, here are some gophers.


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