History of OTM Awards

An interesting fact about OTM is that it's been around for since 2005. (Proof!) During that time a healthy community has emerged, following the Red Sox team and the efforts of OTM's writing staff. Starting in 2009, awards were established in order to honor individuals who brought a lot to the webzone. This is my effort to recognize the history of these awards. Hope you enjoy.


2009 OTM Awards

Hosted and awarded by radiohix.

Most Skeptical Poster: NG

Most Optimistic Poster: Rick D

The Smartest Poster: Drugs Delaney

Funniest Poster: nuthinboutnuthin

Crankiest Poster: gizmosandy

Best MFY Fan: CasanovaWong



2010 OTM Awards

Hosted by Marisa Ingemi, voted on by OTM Community.

OTM Fan Favorite: Pesky Fan

Funniest Poster: gizmosandy

Best FanPoster: TheLoneDavid

Best MFY Fan: CasanovaWong

Rookie of the Year: Marisa Ingemi

MVP: gizmosandy



[Hiatus in 2011]


2012 OTM Awards

Hosted by Sean O, voted on by OTM Community.

Most Missed Poster: Randy Booth

Rookie of the Year: 0bsessions

Funniest Pouster [sic!]: Bloggy

Nostradumbass/Most Inexplicably Prescient: gizmosandy

Best Baseball Knowledge: Wolf9309

FanPoster of the Year: steelsox (Currently parasox)

Commenter of the Year: Bloggy



2013 OTM Awards

Hosted by Sean O, voted on by OTM Community.

-Informal Awards-

Most Missed Poster: Randy Booth

Visitor(s) of the Year: FrankWyt / BuSeaAir / PurpleToPurple

Disciple of Aceves: Ben Buchanan

Community Participation: outofleftfield

Visual Arts: negaduck

-Main Categories-

Most Enthusiastic Poster: AlohaSox

FanPoster of the Year: BobZupcic

Rookie of the Year: .406

Best Baseball Knowledge: MaineSox

Funniest Poster: nuthinboutnuthin

Commenter of the Year: AlohaSox



2014 OTM Awards

Hosted by Sean O, voted on by OTM Community.

Most Valuable Poster: outofleftfield

Funniest Poster: negaduck

Best Baseball Knowledge: BobZupcic

Rookie of the Year: Shibo


2015 OTM Awards

Hosted by Fromalabama, voted on by OTM Community.

Rookie of the Year: trespada

Most Grizzled Veteran: Sean O

Most Cheerful: Senzafine

Most Persnickety: JimXavier

Funniest Blogger: nuthinboutnuthin

Best Graphics: negaduck

Most Knowledgeable: MaineSox

Most Trivial: East Bay Evans

Most Valuable Blogger: outofleftfield

Most Missed: 0bsessions



Hope you all found this interesting. I'd offer some kind of analysis but that's probably best left to you folks in the comments below. Special thanks to the hosts over the years, namely Sean O, who's really kept these awards alive in recent times. If there's anything that appears to be missing don't hesitate to bring it up, it'd be great to see this as complete as possible.