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Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, Ryan Lavarnway

Today's links look at Mookie Betts emergence as a lead(off hitt)er, the popularity of David Ortiz's photography and the long and winding road that Ryan Lavarnway finds himself on.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the day after, but it's never too late to imbue yourself with the Christmas spirit. (Boston Dirt Dogs)

The batting order isn't the only thing that Mookie Betts will be leading the team in this season. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

Speaking of leading the team, "David Ortiz selfie" was one of the top Google searches for sports in 2014. (NESN)

Big Papi also finds himself on the (mostly) "Nice" list for Boston sports this year... (Chris Villani; WEEI)

... while former Sox catcher Ryan Lavarnway finds himself on his fourth team in a month. (Nick O'Malley; MassLive)

And finally, get ready for New Year's Eve by getting angry at the inanity of the Hall of Fame selection process. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)