Throwback Thread of the Week! Home Run Derby Episodes 1-4, 12/26, 9 PM EST!


Happy Holidays, folks!

This week, we'll be trying something a little different in the Throwback Thread. A lot of our friends will be travelling during the holidays, so we'll delay 1975 World Series Game 7 until 1/9, so everyone can be around to enjoy the end of the series.

In the meantime, I thought we'd have a little bit of fun, and maybe meet a few new friends in the process. This week and next week's entertainment will be Home Run Derby! I'm sure many of you have run into this great series on ESPN Classic or elsewhere on the net. This 1960 TV series featured 9 inning home run contests with the best sluggers from the late 50's. We'll get to see names like Mantle, Mays, Banks, Killebrew, Kaline, Aaron, and many others.

I expect a smaller crowd for these two weeks, and I thought it would be fun to add some new faces to the crowd. If we're lucky, they'll enjoy it enough to join us for future throwback games. I've extended invitations to the great folks over at Pinstripe Alley, Bleed Cubbie Blue, Twinkietown, and McCovey Chronicles. Let's hope we get to make a few new friends!

The episodes are short, so we'll screen 4 of them this week, one after the other. It'll be very easy, and work just like we've done it in the past. We'll hit play on episode one at 9 PM, episode two at 9:30, episode three at 10, and episode four at 10:30. And, of course, we'll chat about all things baseball in between.

The Method:


Home Run Derby Episode One: Mickey Mantle vs. Willie Mays

Home Run Derby Episode Two: Mickey Mantle vs. Ernie Banks

Home Run Derby Episode Three: Mickey Mantle vs. Jackie Jensen

Home Run Derby Episode Four: Harmon Killebrew vs. Mickey Mantle

Next, we need to be watching at the same time. So, go to this website: Atomic Clock, NY

Open the video, pause it, resize it to fit nicely on your screen. Do the same with the throwback gamethread. Then, get ready. At exactly 9 PM EST on the time and date website, hit play on your youtube video. We'll now be watching at the exact same time! And, if anything bad happens to your video, or you need to reboot, no problem. Just re-open the video, and skip to the appropriate time. For example, at 9:15 PM EST, we'll all be exactly 15 minutes into the file. Easy, right? We'll start a new episode every half hour.