It's here! The Greatest Game of All Time!! (Throwback Game of the Week! 1975 World Series Game 6, 9 PM EST, Friday Night 12/19!!!)

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


So, you call yourself a Red Sox fan. And, you've seen replays of a small portion of this game for your entire life. But, have you ever *seen* game 6 of the 1975 World Series, in its entirety? I haven't.. I've seen the first 5 games, though! And, it's been a privilege to watch them with my friends here at OTM, and my new friends at Red Reporter. Please join us for a viewing of 1975 World Series Game 6, and let's enjoy the game together!

The Method:


1975 World Series, Game 6

Next, we need to be watching at the same time. So, go to this website: Atomic Clock, NY

Open the video, pause it, resize it to fit nicely on your screen. Do the same with the throwback gamethread. Then, get ready. At exactly 9 PM EST on the time and date website, hit play on your youtube video. We'll now be watching at the exact same time! And, if anything bad happens to your video, or you need to reboot, no problem. Just re-open the video, and skip to the appropriate time. For example, at 9:15 PM EST, we'll all be exactly 15 minutes into the file. Easy, right?