OTM Fantasy Football Championship

Here we are ladies and germs. The last week for all the marbles. Right now the projections have Freedom with a 7.83 point advantage.

I having Keenan Allen and his broken collar bone removed from future contentions. Will fight and hope that Le'Veon answers the bell, the burger doesn't get stale and Evans is enough. Will Cobb continue or do I need Hogan to hulk out. Sad I have Trich, whom is terrible and Kerwynn Williams who I thought sold paint to choose from for my RB2.

Freedom rings with his own Bell on the jangle. Getting some Ice will go far for him forget about Julio. Is there a better name or spelling then Demaryius in the NFL? Like a boy named Sue I would imagine that any man with a woman's name in it probably has a bit of an edge to him. Just hoping his noodle armed QB is still hurt and he only goes for 15-20. The beast maybe caged in AZ this weekend with that d just playing out of there minds. Not sure who is going to break? Hopkins or the trio of Smith Sr., Forsett and the Baltimore Defense. I got a feeling not all 4 will shows. Course he could help out Hopkins with his teammate Johnson. Bad break for Murray holding the ball is one thing, blocking and falling to the ground with only one brace hand. Es no bueno.

Going over Freedoms roster it is no wonder why he made it. going over my roster I can't believe I made it.

Freedom good luck. The Bell Bowl