Offseason Open Thread Pyat'

Open Thread Fire is about to fall off, and while I'm not usually one to post these, we have to choose a new foreign language for no. 5, and I'm a strong believer in the Russian pyat'. Of all the foreign fives, it is a solid entry in the global lexicon. Oh sure, the Latin based cinc- words are good, as are the Greek based pent- words. But I'm fond of the ol' Slavic pyat'. The apostrophe at the end signifies a vestigial soft sign, which you don't need to know anything about, but which the purists will appreciate.

So, open thread rules apply: No religion or politics! Nothing about Sean O's tickly bits! No video games! OK, fine! Video games! Which I haven't played since Maniac Mansion and Myst! I'm sure there has been a game or two since my early adolescence with some artistic merit, but they're just not my thing! Anyone want to engage me on classic art and foreign films? No? I'm OK with that! Just no more vasectomy talk!