Throwback Game of the Week! 1975 World Series Game 5, Friday night 12/12, 9 PM EST!


Well, folks, another week has flown by! Christmas is approaching, and I still need to do a ton of shopping. Time to get my butt in gear.

Speaking of shopping, the winter meetings have just finished up. Red Sox fans are feeling optimistic, I think. We haven't really gotten everything we wanted, but it could be worse. Reds fans? Maybe not so much. We can chat about all things winter meeting while we watch some classic baseball. It'll be nice to get back to simpler times, when we had the best teams in baseball. Good lord, the Reds won their division by 20 games?? Wow! :)

The Method:

DevilsAdvocate has once again made us the best version of this game available on the internet. It's the only one not chopped into 2 pieces, and it's just for us. Thanks again, DA! We couldn't do this without you! You're the best!

1975 World Series, Game 5

Next, we need to be watching at the same time. So, go to this website: Atomic Clock, NY

Open the video, pause it, resize it to fit nicely on your screen. Do the same with the throwback gamethread. Then, get ready. At exactly 9 PM EST on the time and date website, hit play on your youtube video. We'll now be watching at the exact same time! And, if anything bad happens to your video, or you need to reboot, no problem. Just re-open the video, and skip to the appropriate time. For example, at 9:15 PM EST, we'll all be exactly 15 minutes into the file. Easy, right?