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The Over the Monster Podcast: Episode 113: The offseason begins

The Podcast breaks down the Red Sox off season.

Why a picture of David Ortiz? Better question: Why not?
Why a picture of David Ortiz? Better question: Why not?

Now is the time we have been waiting for since at least the trade deadline if not much, much sooner. Now is the off-season, a time when your Boston Red Sox can, 1) not lose any baseball games, and 2) make their team better for next and future seasons. In short, this is it, folks. The last place Red Sox will spend the off-season trying to get better, and we here at OTM will be with you the whole way to analyze and discuss prospective deals, actual deals, rumors, and anything else called for.

In that vein, we give you the 113th OTM Podcast. This podcast features Brendan O'Toole and myself, Matt Kory, breaking down the Red Sox off season. Primarily we discuss the two most pressing of the most pressing issues, the starting rotation and the moon crater at third base. It was an enjoyable conversation to be a part of and I hope it will be an enjoyable podcast to hear.

There are some things that differentiate the 113th OTM Podcast from the 112th of the same name. Primarily, after 112 episodes with Podomatic as the hosting site, we've switched, probably permanently, to Blog Talk Radio. The functionality is better and the cost to me of zero is preferable than the cost to me being higher than that, which it has been this entire time. The downside of the switch is, at least initially, my inexperience with the interface and that, in this occasion, has led to a lower quality of sound. I apologize for that. The next time should be much better, and the time after that better still. Thanks for sticking with us.

The other issue associated with this change is iTunes. I've been unable to figure out exactly how to update the RSS feed in iTunes, so this episode will not appear in your iTunes until I do figure that out. If anyone out there in internet landhas information as to how to do this, I would very much appreciate you putting it into the comments.

And, speaking of comments, I would love to hear any and all suggestions for the podcast as well, though primarily I'm thinking of guests to have on this coming off-season. Are you interested in hearing anyone who hasn't been a guest before? Put it in the comments. Are you interested in having someone on again whose first (or second or third) appearance you enjoyed? Put it in the comments.

That's enough babbling from me. Thanks to you for listening, for enduring, and here's to a fun off season. Go Sox!

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