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Daily Red Sox Links: Dustin Pedroia, Pablo Sandoval, Garin Cecchini

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Today's links look at Dustin Pedroia's Gold Glove prospects, Pablo Sandoval's growth curve and the 10th best prospect in the Red Sox's system: Garin Cecchini.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With free agency starting today, you might be wondering how much money will the Red Sox have to spend. Spoiler alert: A Lot. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

And because today is the day of reckoning, here's a brief but informative guide to the wild, wacky world of qualifying offers and which Red Sox targets have been given one already. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

Rest assured, the Sox will be watching the market it making sure nothing happens to their favorite targets ... (Nick Cafardo; Boston Globe)

... like Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval, whose considerable girth -- even if he's just VERY pleasantly plump  -- may hurt his bank account ... (Alex Speier; WEEI)

... of course, if he doesn't work out, there's always Chase Headley, along with pitchers like James Shields and Francisco Liriano. (Jason Mastrodonato; MassLive)

Either player would be great at the hot corner, but for now, Dustin Perdoia's work covering second base might be worth its weight in gold. (Mark Simon; ESPN Boston/Stats and Info)

Though, regardless of who may sign, they might end up moving over for the No. 10 prospect on the Sox Prospects Top 40 list. (Sox Prospects)