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The Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 114: Pandacast

The Red Sox are panda hunt'n. Also there's Jon Lester. Who are they going to get? Who should they get? We talk about these things and also others!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The off-season has begun in ernest. The Red Sox are at the forefront of many a rumor, primarily the one about bringing back their former ace starter Jon Lester. The Red Sox do need starters after all, and humorously, they just traded a guy that they'd kinda like to have back. Let's not talk about the trade though, as that's old and painful news. No, this is a new season, the not-season as it were, and it's the time when teams like the Red Sox can flex their financial muscles, sell guys on the beautiful city of Boston, and the future of the franchise. That's where the Red Sox are with Jon Lester and, speaking of ands, Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval plays third base which coincidentally is a position that the Red Sox would like to not be terrible at. So that could work out well.

This is all by way of saying, hey, podcast! I, Matt Kory, am joined by co-host Brendan O'Toole and ex-co-host Marc Normandin for a rousing and timed discussion of free agency, the Red Sox place in it, and options. Oh, so many options! It's dizzying, I say! There's Sandoval but there's also Hanley Ramirez and Chase Headley. There's Lester but there's also James Shields and Cole Hamels and, to some people anyway, Max Scherzer. Free agency is that magical time when the only limits are the outer bounds of our very imaginations. So float away with me, with us, to this most special of places, on the 114th Over The Monster Podcast!

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