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Daily Red Sox Links: Curt Schilling, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller

Today's links look at what former players have to say about the Red Sox's offseason so far, what the press has to say about the Red Sox offseason so far, and what the Red Sox are still hoping to do this offseason.

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Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Former ALCS hero and noted finance expert Curt Schilling believes that the Red Sox lowballed Jon Lester ... (Sam Galanis; NESN)

... a professional editor used the phrase "smarty pants" to describe the front office in the headline of a major metropolitan newspaper ... (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

... shockingly, even Dan Shaughnessy's angry about what the Red Sox are doing this offseason. (Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe)

However, despite all the consternation , it appears that the bait they've tossed out will get some bites. (

Including all the due diligence they can stand on Yoan Moncada. (Alex Speier; WEEI)

They also claim to be "very serious" about pursuing Andrew Miller. (Jason Mastrodonato; MassLive)

And all this impending change has players like Mookie Betts taking nothing for granted. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Thankfully, the folks at Sox Prospects are there to talk about all the goings-on this week on the 67th episode of their podcast. (Sox Prospects)