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Here are your nominees for the 2014 SB Nation Awards

The voting is done (for us). Here's where you came down.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Over the past couple weeks, we've asked the readers of Over The Monster to vote for their nominees for the 2014 SB Nation Awards. That stage of the voting is done, and we're ready to send our choices off to the mothership. Here are the nominees you chose:

Funniest Moment: Jerry Remy loses a tooth on air

Guys, this actually happened:

Most Regrettable Moment: The Jon Lester Negotiations

It's a decision that will likely cost the Red Sox either tens of millions of dollars, or the best pitcher the team has produced in a long, long time. One way or another, the team is going to regret not signing Lester to what now seems like a cheap deal back in March when they had the chance.

Best Defensive Play: Brock Holt saves the day

The perfect combination of good defense and even better cinematography, Brock Holt's out-of-nowhere catch was a great play perfected by the limitations of NESN's camerawork.

Most Important Hit: Mookie Betts' first homer

In a year of meaningless games, it's hard to find a hit that mattered in season, so we turned instead to those that might mean something for the future. No surprise, then, that Mookie Betts and Rusney Castillo came in first and second. But perhaps somewhat surprising that Betts managed quite such a convincing win, nearly doubling up Castillo to take first place.

Best Pitching Perfomrance: Jon Lester's 15 strikeouts

No surprise here. Jon Lester was Boston's best pitcher up until he was sent off to Oakland, and it's only fitting that one of the best performances of his career was our best pitching performance of the season, taking down 77% of the vote.

Team of the Year: Kansas City Royals

With 58% of the vote, OTM readers chose the underdog Royals over the eventual World Series champion Giants. Just goes to show you winning isn't everything. Except for winning this poll. That's everything. I guess?

We'll be sending the results off to the mothership, where they'll probably be largely overlooked because, well, let's face it, little about the Red Sox was superlative this year. But hey, Kansas City has a chance, because they, at least, are not the Red Sox.