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Pablo Sandoval retains personal trainer who "he will stay with until he retires"

The free agent third baseman is aware of his weight issues and his agent says that Sandoval is taking steps to watch his weight.

Dilip Vishwanat

Pablo Sandoval is aware of the fact that one of the biggest marks against him is his ever-so fluctuating weight. Given his status as one of the biggest free agents on the market, he wants teams to know that he will put in an effort to stay in shape for the rest of his career.

Sandoval's agent, Gustavo Vazquez, tells Over the Monster that Sandoval hired a personal trainer and will continue to get help from his brother Michael as his personal chef to help him watch his diet moving forward.

"Pablo has his personal trainer 24/7 and he will stay [with him] until he retires," Vasquez said. "His brother will help him [with his diet] and workouts."

While Sandoval has shown the ability to lose weight before -- having lost nearly 30 pounds between the end of the 2013 season and the beginning of the 2014 season -- as Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald and many others have noted, Sandoval appeared to have put it back on by the conclusion of the Giants' World Series run.

Actions speak louder than words and while it's all well and good that Sandoval recognizes that his weight will have a negative impact on his longevity as a baseball player, it's important that the 28-year-old continues to put in the work and show that he can lose and keep his weight off while he's being paid to play baseball professionally, particularly if he's after a six-year deal.