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Daily Red Sox Links: Chase Headley, Junichi Tazawa, Koji Uehara

Today's links look at the back of Boston's bullpen, an in-depth scouting report on Jon Lester, and two young first basemen.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the money they will likely make this offseason, is Chase Headley or Pablo Sandoval the better player for the Red Sox to pursue? (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Junichi Tazawa has locked down the eighth inning, but will he get a chance at the ninth in 2015? (Jason Mastrodonato;

Koji Uehara could still return, though, and the Red Sox have begun contract talks with their closer. (Alex Speier;

This edition of Sox Prospects' top-40 in review will be delightful for fans of the "Before and After" category on Wheel of Fortune. (Sox Prospects)

A couple of Boston's players have been named to the Arizona Fall League's Rising Stars team. (Jeff Pini;

Baseball Prospectus started their hot stove scouting report series with a name that may interest Red Sox fans. (Jeff Moore; Baseball Prospectus)

Jake Peavy may have a new toy to go along with his duck boat. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)