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The Red Sox don't hate Yoenis Cespedes

Maybe the Red Sox aren't foolish enough to lower the trade value of a player that is at a position where the team has a surplus of players.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

So maybe the Red Sox coaching staff doesn't hate Yoenis Cespedes after all. Following a report in the New York Daily News that Cespedes may be available via trade this upcoming offseason due to the fact that the outfielder "marches to his own drum", Jon Heyman of CBS Sports followed up with a report indicating the contrary.

A Red Sox person told it is "totally untrue" the coaches hate Cespedes, and Red Sox manager John Farrell called the report "completely unfounded" on MLB Network Radio.

There have been suggestions the Red Sox may look to trade Cespedes, who's a free agent after next year. So it is fair to point out that Red Sox people obviously wouldn't want it out there that they hate Cespedes.

There actually is no evidence anyone hates Cespedes, and in this case it seems more likely that there is simply frustration on the part of a coach or two over Cespedes' alleged unwillingness to work extra time to acclimate himself to the left field wall in Fenway Park

The report from Heyman comes the same day that Red Sox manager John Farrell made an appearance on MLB Network Radio denying the allegations that there was a rift between the team and Cespedes.

"Totally surprised and completely off guard," Farrell said. "It's unfortunate that a comment like that is made from elsewhere because we had two full months with Yoenis, and I think you get a pretty good feel for a player or a person when you're around them every day for the length of time in a given day that we are with him.

"Completely unfounded, and kind of a shame that someone would write something like that because we see him and have come to know of him completely 180 degrees from what was written."

Cespedes recently left agent Adam Katz for Jay-Z's Roc Nation, the same agency that netted Robinson Cano a 10 year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners and Rusney Castillo a seven year, $72.5 million contract with the Red Sox.

The Red Sox will almost certainly listen on what other teams have to offer for Cespedes during the offseason, given that he represents a unique player with a plethora of eye-popping tools at a position where the team has a surplus of players. It, however, would not make sense from the Red Sox' perspective to trash talk Cespedes and lower his trade value, given that the possibility that the team looks to deal the 29-year-old outfielder is very much there.