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Jake Peavy's World Series duck boat doesn't work anymore

Don't worry, he's planning on fixing it.


When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, Jake Peavy took a souvenir from the city to his home in Alabama. One of the duck boats used in the championship parade was purchased by Peavy, and initially placed in his backyard. ESPN's Buster Olney caught up with Peavy and his son, Wyatt, to talk duck boat with him.

Wyatt Peavy: Well, my dad keeps on saying he's going to get the duck boat painted, but right now it's covered in mildew at our baseball field. 

Jake: We took it over. We had a group, so we took it over to the baseball field. We've been in negotiations to get this thing painted. We're having all kinds of problems because they want to do that in Texas. You have to put this duck boat on a flat-bed trailer and ship it. That's how it got from Alabama to Boston. So I'm trying to do it in-state so I don't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to ship this thing across any more country than it has to. 

Since we moved it over to the baseball field, this thing decided to quit running. It doesn't want to crank now. So we have, since the playoffs started, left this thing sitting over at the baseball field. I've just been informed it's got mildew on the seats. So we're going to have to do something other than painting; we're going to have to do something with these seats. Because obviously it's going to be running and be a big part of what we do with the kids and camps and stuff at Southern Falls (Peavy's ranch in Alabama) from here on out.

Rumor is -- as Wyatt mentions and Jake tries to hush him up about -- that Peavy will add a San Francisco trolley car to his trophy collection, should the Giants defeat the Royals. They're up three games to two with Peavy on the mound Tuesday in Game 6, so he can make it happen himself with a great night.

Then maybe he can use his sudden free time to paint the damn duck boat. Come on, Jake.