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Daily Red Sox Links: Yoenis Cespedes, Chili Davis, Jake Peavy

Today's links take a look at Chili Davis' potential impact as hitting coach, the best moments from 2004, and how this October could affect James Shields.

Jim Rogash

As rumors swirl about Yoenis Cespedes possibly being traded, all John Farrell can do is laugh. (Jason Mastrodonato;

Alex Speier looks at what kind of impact Chili Davis could have as Boston's new hitting coach. (Alex Speier;

Speaking of Jake Peavy, his press conference yesterday was interrupted by a familiar face. (Matt Snyder; CBS Sports)

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the 2004 playoff run, ESPN Boston is running a bracket of the best moments from that team. (Kyle Brasseur; ESPN Boston)

This edition of top-40 in review looks at a player ready to start his minor-league career, and another who is ready to end his. (Sox Prospects)

James Shields is a clear target for the Red Sox, but his reputation may be taking a beating during this postseason. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)