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2014 Red Sox top prospect voting #1: Revisiting 2013, starting fresh

Looking back at last year's list, and starting a new one for 2014.

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Every year, we ask the readers at Over The Monster--that is to say, you--to vote on the Red Sox' top prospect list, ranking the top 20 players in the farm system. As you may have gathered, it's that time of year again. Before we go ahead with the first round of voting, however, let's take a look back at the list from 2013:

  1. Xander Bogaerts, SS
  2. Jackie Bradley, OF
  3. Matt Barnes, RHP
  4. Rubby De La Rosa, RHP
  5. Allen Webster, RHP
  6. Garin Cecchini, 3B
  7. Henry Owens, LHP
  8. Bryce Brentz, RF
  9. Blake Swihart, C
  10. Brandon Workman, RHP
  11. Jose Iglesias, SS
  12. Deven Marrero, SS
  13. Brian Johnson, LHP
  14. Jose Vinicio, SS
  15. Drake Britton, LHP
  16. Brandon Jacobs, OF
  17. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP
  18. Pat Light, RHP
  19. Manuel Margot, OF
  20. Christian Vazquez, C

Whereas the jump from 2012 to 2013 saw a complete transformation from a bottom-tier system to one of the major's deepest, the jump from 2013 to 2014 is more marginal. Looking at the top names in the system, many of them are likely to only see slight shifts one way or the other, without much in the way of significant dropoffs.

Obviously, not everyone is going to be back. Jose Iglesias is gone to Detroit. Brandon Jacobs is on the Diamondbacks now, having been traded first for Matt Thornton and then for Adam Eaton. And there were a few seasons in there which could well see players fall out of the top-20 entirely (Jose Vinicio, Pat Light, I'm looking at you...)

But replacements are not in short supply. We've got a whole new crop of draft picks to mix in, and Mookie Betts is certain to make an appearance after his breakout performance in 2013. It shouldn't be hard to find our way to 20, to say the least.

Let's be honest, here: there's not really much question about the top spot. The Red Sox have a fine farm system with plenty of guys in top-50 range for all of baseball. But there's only one who can be talked about as the best prospect baseball has to offer. Still, let's go through the motions and vote him in.

A reminder of how this works:I'll name candidates in the comments below, and you rec the comment of the player you want to vote for. For those unfamiliar with how to go about that, just click "actions" underneath the comment and then "rec." Nice and easy, though you do have to be a member to join in.

On the off chance I forget or otherwise leave someone out, you are free to start your own voting thread for that player. I'll even give it a rec of my own to make up for your vote.

As for rules, please stick to just the one vote. That's about it.

Vote away!

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