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David Ortiz just wants the one extra year

David Ortiz has made it clear: he's only looking for a one-year extension.

Jared Wickerham

When David Ortiz goes looking for a contract extension, he does not do so quietly. That's been the case in years past, and 2014 has just served to highlight the point, with Ortiz going so far as to say that he'd be willing to up-and-leave if he doesn't get what he wants.

Perhaps it's the severity of those comments--the suggestion that the long-time Boston star could even imagine playing elsewhere--that people have misunderstood the situation. For whatever reason, though, apparently some took Ortiz' desire for a "multi-year" contract to mean the designated hitter was looking for something more than a one-year extension that would keep him from having to worry about 2015 while playing in 2014. Enough did that Ortiz thought it necessary to go back to WEEI and tell Rob Bradford that, no, he wasn't getting crazy:

"We're good. We're good. We talked, they're talking and I just asked for one year. I didn't ask for anything crazy. It wasn't like I asked for a five-year deal. It's a one-year extension I asked for," Ortiz said of his discussions with the club. "I've got a contract for this year. I was asking for a one-year extension for next year.

Honestly, I'm not sure how much this was really even in question. While talking about Pedroia's support for Ortiz yesterday, we assumed he was looking for one year:

Ortiz has always wanted to avoid the uncomfortable situation of playing any given season without his next year guaranteed, however, so the year of slack is gone, and he's angling for another.

With nobody really questioning that in the comments, I'm skeptical that there's anything more to this than certain media personalities looking for a molehill to turn into a mountain. You know the usual suspects (and, sure enough, many of them have chimed in on the topic in the last 24 hours).

In case any actual fans were actually under the misapprehension that David Ortiz was looking for more than just the one year, though, be at ease. Ortiz may be asking the Red Sox to make a questionable baseball decision, but he's not putting them in a truly uncomfortable position.

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