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Video: Xander Bogaerts, Aruban World Series hero

We love him here in Red Sox nation, but his home country has plenty of adoration, too.

Gail Oskin

Red Sox top prospect Xander Bogaerts will get his first every day gig in the majors in 2014, but as you're already aware, he made his presence felt in the 2013 playoffs. Bogaerts helped the Red Sox advance to the World Series and eventually defeat the St. Louis Cardinals to bring home their third championship trophy since 2004, and this in turn helped turn up the intensity on Red Sox nation's love of X.

It's not just locally that Bogaerts is well-loved, though, as this video showing his return to his native Aruba will tell you. He got his own parade! People were standing around on the streets waiting for Xander to get out of his car to sign autographs and kiss babies and pose for pictures and show off that smile.

I can't say I'm surprised about this: back during the playoffs, I was contacted by a Dutch outlet who wanted to speak to me about the Netherlands' new hotness -- Aruba used to be part of the Netherlands, which is why Bogaerts, Elvis Andrus, Jurickson Profar, and others are all eligible for honkbal action in the World Baseball Classic. He's a sensation at home, and is only going to help bring further attention to the fact that baseball talent in Aruba deserves recognition worldwide.

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