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Red Sox to make three early appearances on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

The Red Sox will make three Sunday Night Baseball appearances in the first half of the season.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Winning the World Series is good news for out-of-town fans for more than just the obvious reason. Nothing garners attention like success, and attention means more national broadcasts. By that same stroke, local fans will have to live with the loss of a few NESN broadcasts in exchange for their banner. Not that anyone is about to balk at that deal.

The damage for the Red Sox is three games in the first 11 weeks of the season, with more likely to follow in the second half. That includes a Red Sox trip to New York on April 13, Baltimore visiting Fenway one week later, and the Tigers coming to town in an ALCS rematch on May 18.

You might notice that the April 20 game is the night before Patriots' Day. For ESPN, that means a special 7 P.M. broadcast, likely to commemorate the Marathon bombings of last year. For the Red Sox it means a night game right before the 11:05 a.m. start time on Patriots' Day proper. The Orioles will at least be subject to the same conditions, but it's hardly ideal.

As for what an ESPN broadcast entails this year, well, Curt Schilling is involved. That hasn't exactly been great news for Red Sox fans everywhere these past few years, but given all the years of Joe Morgan, I think we'll live.

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