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Red Sox defeat Yankees in extras, in GIF form

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Thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury and Shane Victorino, the Red Sox pulled off a come-from-behind win against their rivals.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The 10th inning of Thursday's series opener against the Yankees wasn't as nerve-wracking as the frame before. That's because the Red Sox were no longer facing Mariano Rivera, and instead were up against Joba Chamberlain in a tie game. They still had to work to get their run, though, the one that ended up being the difference, but thanks to the speed of Jacoby Ellsbury, it looked easy.

Ellsbury sat on first base, waiting for his opportunity to move into scoring position. After some fake bunting from Shane Victorino and a few throws over from Joba, Ellsbury finally broke for second:


His jump wasn't phenomenal, but as this unbroken view shows, Ellsbury is just flat-out, ridiculously fast:


He would show as much again a few pitches later, when Shanf softly lifted a liner into right field, in front of Ichiro Suzuki and his powerful arm. Ellsbury's legs were up to the challenge:


The play would have been a little closer had Austin Romine managed to hold on to the throw at the plate, but Ellsbury's leg might have been in before Stewart could swipe him with the tag anyway. He went from off camera and what looked like a bad send to sliding into home in very short order, thanks to those legs.

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