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Xander Bogaerts named USA Today's Minor League Player of the Year

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USA Today has named Xander Bogaerts their Minor League Player of the Year.

Winslow Townson

Xander Bogaerts has been named USA Today's Minor League Player of the Year for 2013.

We all know Bogaerts pretty well by now, of course. After destroying Double-A to the tune of .311/.407/.502 over the course of 56 games, Bogaerts jumped up to Triple-A, where he would more than hold his own. He's since finally made it up to the Red Sox, where he's pretty much done nothing but hit line drives. Not bad for a 20-year-old.

USA Today is not exactly your typical go-to source for everything minor leagues, of course, but given that Wil Myers and Paul Goldschmidt are the last two recipients of the award, you can't deny their success rate. Really when Jason Heyward (and now maybe Jeremy Hellickson? Here's hoping...) are your big misses, that's no cause for shame.

This might be the last chance for Xander Bogaerts to earn these sorts of honors. He seems very likely to be up with the big team for the long haul now, barring a surprising turn of events in the offseason. If so, his eligibility for top prospect lists--the likes of which he's been nearing the top of this year--will be vanishing in a hurry.

That's all well and good. There are greater achievements ahead.

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