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Preliminary 2014 MLB draft order features Red Sox 30th

It's not quite the same as 2012, but that team didn't make the playoffs.

They won't have a top-10 pick for a Trey Ball type again, but that didn't hurt them in the past.
They won't have a top-10 pick for a Trey Ball type again, but that didn't hurt them in the past.
Gail Oskin

The regular season is over for the Red Sox and all but two other teams, meaning we're about 95 percent sure what the preliminary draft order for MLB's 2014 amateur entry draft is going to look like. After selecting top lefty Trey Ball seventh in the 2013 draft, Boston will have to wait until the 30th overall pick of 31 first-rounders to make their first selection next June.

You might be wondering why they're picking 30th rather than 31st, when both the Cardinals and Red Sox finished with 97-65 records. The tiebreaker in this situation is the previous year's record: in 2012, the Cardinals were 88-74, while the Sox were 69-93. Consider the 30th pick -- and the ever-so-slightly larger draft budget it will hold compared to the 31st -- the final gift of an awful but giving 2012 season.

Remember, though, this is just a preliminary list. Teams could sign free agents who have been given the qualifying offer, costing them their first-round pick in the process and pushing the Sox up in the draft order. The Sox, too, could sign a free agent with the qualifying offer tag on them, costing them what is as of now the 30th pick in the draft. We won't know about any of that until free agency begins and qualifying offers have been submitted and rejected, however: now, we at the least know what it is the Red Sox would be giving up should they sign a free agent who will cost them compensation.

The full preliminary rankings can be found below, courtesy of CBS Sports:

1. Astros (51-111)
2. Marlins (62-100)
3. White Sox (63-99)
4. Cubs (66-96)
5. Twins (66-96)
6. Mariners (71-91)
7. Phillies (73-89)
8. Rockies (74-88)
9. Blue Jays (74-88)
10. Mets (74-88)
11. Blue Jays (Comp. for 2013 failed signing)
12. Brewers (74-88)
13. Padres (76-86)
14. Giants (76-86)
15. Angels (78-84)
16. Diamondbacks (81-81)
17. Orioles (85-77)
18. Yankees (85-77)
19. Royals (86-76)
20. Nationals (86-76)
21. Reds (90-72)
22. Rays (91-71)
23. Rangers (91-71)
24. Indians (92-70)
25. Dodgers (92-70)
26. Tigers (93-69)
27. Pirates (94-68)
28. Athletics (96-66)
29. Braves (96-66)
30. Red Sox (97-65)
31. Cardinals (97-65)

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