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Red Sox clinch home field advantage

The Red Sox have clinched home field advantage with a little help from Seattle.


With the Athletics falling to the Mariners 7-2 in Seattle Saturday afternoon, the Red Sox have officially clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

While Red Sox fans were gearing up for a potential clincher in Baltimore tonight, the Mariners have gone ahead and done the job for Boston before the first inning was even over. If it feels a bit anticlimactic for the last meaningful event in Boston's regular season, well, it's hard to complain about the Red Sox having achieved literally every significant thing they could in the regular season.

So what do we Red Sox fans do now? Aside from trying to disassociate meaningless games from a 6X-9X record, that is? We turn our eyes to the wild card race, to keep an eye on what depleted team the Red Sox are going to have to beat to advance to the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2008.