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Five Red Sox prospects on John Sickels' season-end top 75

Yes, the Red Sox are still filling up those prospect lists.

Darren McCollester

John Sickels has released his end-of-season top 75 prospects list, and as with every other top prospects lists this season, the Red Sox have some serious representation:

2) Xander Bogaerts , SS, Boston Red Sox, Pre-season ranking 4, July rank 2. I don't see any justification for lowering his grade.

This is where I would post a meme of William Shatner screaming "Buxton!" if I were certain there wouldn't be legal issues.

34) Garin Cecchini, 3B, Boston Red Sox. Pre-season 117, July 30. This is what I wrote in July and I still believe it: I'm mad at myself on this one actually. I had him rated as a Grade B+ and on fringes of top 50 in January but let myself get talked down to a Grade B and out of the top 50 after reading too many scouting reports and not trusting my own eyes and instincts. Well, screw that. He kicks ass and many people are still too low on him. Going to stay with my instincts here. We'll see if I stick with that in January.

44) Jackie Bradley, OF, Boston Red Sox. Pre-season 45, July 20. I overreacted to his fast start on the mid-season list, back into the mid-40s now. Bat should improve.

54) Henry Owens, LHP, Boston Red Sox. Pre-season 137, July 63. Breakout season looks real to me.

58) Anthony Ranaudo, RHP, Boston Red Sox. Unranked pre-season, July 54. Problem here was always staying healthy. I still wonder if his arm will fall off someday, but he's been very good in Double-A. Mid-rotation starter I think.

So that's nice. Five in the top-58 is about 2.5 times better representation than you could expect of any given team on average, and Xander slotting in number two is awesome, if entirely frustrating for those of us anxiously waiting for someone to give him top billing.

But wait! There's more! Mookie Betts, Matt Barnes, and Allen Webster all make appearances in the honorable mentions, bringing Boston's total up to eight in the top 113 (Sickels listed 38 honorable mentions). That's without appearances from top pick Trey Ball or the ballyhooed Blake Swihart.

Considering all that, I'd say the new target is ten. Ten in a top-100 and the Red Sox can probably start letting other teams have some room.

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