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Brandon Phillips thinks the Red Sox are pretty swaggalicious

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Justin K. Aller

The Red Sox are a pretty good baseball team. They're also a pretty fun baseball team to watch as fans. Do other baseball players feel the same way? It's hard to say, but at least one man gives a positive indication:

Gee, uh...thanks, Brandon? We think you're pretty swaggalicious too, I guess?

He does have a point, though. Consider the following:




And also...


And don't forget...


Actually, maybe do forget that last one. At least when having conversations about Boston's park-adjusted Swaggalicious index (ASI or wSI+ depending on who you ask).

Now we just have to hope the Red Sox don't play the Braves if they make it to the World Series. All that swaggaliciousness--swaggaliciocity?--might ruffle some of the wrong feathers in Atlanta. And you don't want to piss off Brian McCann and his disembodied arm buddy.