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Rockies 8, Red Sox 3: A cold welcome to Coors Field

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Coors Field can be unforgiving to unfamiliar pitchers.

Doug Pensinger

The Red Sox learned just how difficult it can be to pitch in Coors Field Tuesday night as the Colorado Rockies tagged them for three homers in a surprise 8-3 thrashing.

The Rockies didn't take long to give John Lackey the message. Just three pitches into his outing, Chrarlie Blackmon shot a line drive through the thin air, down the right field line, and just fair into the stands for a leadoff homer. A second run would score later in the inning thanks in part to a fly ball misplayed by Shane Victorino in right into a double.

Lackey would enjoy a brief reprieve in the second, getting two ground balls and a strikeout, but Troy Tulowitzki started the attack right back up in the bottom of the third, taking a high fastball and hitting it high and deep to left-center for Colorado's second homer of the night. A third solo bomb came on a big chop from Corey Dickerson that, once again, just kept on going. When you give up fly balls in Coors, bad things will happen, and while Lackey honestly managed to keep the ball on the ground more than might have been expected, the ones he did give up were big.

Unfortunately for the Red Sox, Tyler Chatwood knows how to deal with this park he plays in. Chatwood kept to the ground for the bulk of his outs--13 to be precise--with only six batters managing to so much as fly out against the young ground ball specialist. Boston would only end up plating one run against Chatwood, that coming on a sharp ground ball from Jackie Bradley Jr. that Chatwood could not squeeze at first for the out. Other than that, it was smooth sailing.

The only other noise produced by the Red Sox came with the team already trailing by seven runs thanks to a bad seventh inning from Drake Britton and Brandon Workman. That came in the ninth with Jarrod Saltalamacchia picking up an awfully Coors-looking homer of his own on a fly ball to right-center that had no interest in coming down. It went for two runs with David Ortiz already on base, but the Red Sox still fell five runs short after the final out.

Luckily for the Red Sox, though, the Angels managed to top the Athletics 3-0, leaving the Sox still ahead of the American League headed into Wednesday.

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