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Poll: The best Red Sox story of the year

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This Red Sox team has done more than just win games. They've brought joy back to baseball. Now let's make them fight eachother.

Jim Rogash

Earlier today, our own Matt Collins wrote the following in his article about Daniel Nava:

If someone asked you, as a Red Sox fan, to pick your favorite surprise from this season, it could be a bit of a challenge. Some of us may be partial to John Lackey's complete turnaround in public perception, while others could opt for Shane Victorino being as good as he's been despite being dubbed by some as the worst free agent signing of the offseason.

Matt includes also the season as a whole--particularly clinching the division--and Nava himself as possible choices. But some, I'd say, are missing.

For instance, Koji Uehara being as fantastic as he has been. The Magical Mike Carp putting up numbers befitting an All-Star first baseman off the bench. How about Jon Lester being his old self after going missing for more than a year? Going beyond just surprises into stories, how about the return of a 2003/2004 type of clubhouse with the rise of the beards?

Actually, that feels like cheating in the whole "this team is great and just clinched the division" option, so let's just go with John Farrell keeping everything nice and calm in the clubhouse.

More than anything, this team has rehabilitated baseball in Boston. They have taken us from the point where we were all grateful to escape the 2012 three-ring-circus of malcontents and Bobby Valentine to the point where, even if this team had finished 88-74 and out of the playoffs, everyone probably would have been talking about how enjoyable the season as a whole was. This is a special bunch of players who have made watching baseball enjoyable again even when the Red Sox lose just because you'll see Nava and Carp bouncing in the dugout or David Ortiz tugging on someone's beard. We don't just love what this team is doing, we don't just love this organization, we love this team.

But what fun would it be if we didn't pit everyone against everyone else? Poll time!