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Your yearly Red Sox rookie hazing: Kilts

Yeah, the rookies are wearing kilts.

Jamie Squire

Every year, 30 baseball teams partake in the tradition of rookie hazing. The 2013 Red Sox are now different. I give you: the Red Sox rookies wearing kilts.

To be perfectly honest with you, this is pretty refreshing. It's not the old "force them to dress up as women" cliche which has been toeing some pretty questionable lines in a lot of people's minds. It achieves the intended goal--they all look pretty silly, I think most would agree--without stepping on anyone's toes.

Except the Scottish, maybe? Well, probably not. Kilts aren't exactly everyday apparel over in Scotland, with it being not at all uncommon for any given individual to simply never have worn one. It's not quite the same as if someone in Boston decided to throw on their best colonial garb, since kilts are occasionally broken out for very special occasions, but even then shirts are probably in order.

What really makes it all come together, though, are the hats. A fair few Red Sox have taken to rocking the high socks on the field these days, albeit in, of course, red, but I think it's time for Boston to think about revolutionizing major league hat design. Fear the feathers.

Of note: the absence of Jackie Bradley Jr. Maybe it's hard to haze the guy who just won you the game?

[UPDATE]: Nevermind, they got him too.

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