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Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Koji Uehara, Shane Victorino

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Today's links include stories on how well a hot September translates to the playoffs, how the playoff roster will shake out for the pitchers, and a new change to Jake Peavy's pitching mechanics.

Rich Schultz

The Red Sox are having a red-hot September (the past couple of games notwithstanding), but does that mean they can definitely carry it into October? (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

How are the Red Sox going to approach Jacoby Ellsbury's impending free agency? (Ben Shapiro;

With only a couple weeks left in the season, John Farrell has to decide what pitcher's are going to be here for the playoffs. (Tony Lee; ESPN Boston)

Koji Uehara is ridiculous. (Sam Miller; Baseball Prospectus)

He hasn't done this in years, but Jake Peavy is changing back to an old way of pitching. (Rob Bradford;

This is the best Red Sox team of the last few years, but how does it compare to other recent playoff squads? (Chad Finn;

Shane Victorino has had a fantastic second half. (Troy Patterson; Yawkey Way Academy)