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The Red Sox guide to beards

Beards are a significant part of the Sox season, and they've put them together in an infographic for your viewing pleasure.

Jared Wickerham

You might have noticed at some point this summer that beards are a big deal for the Boston Red Sox. Many members of the team not only sport them, but they tend to be highly individualized and unique to the player wearing them. Plus, there are moments like this one that are hard to look away from when the camera pans their way:


The Red Sox Twitter account has jumped at the opportunity to turn this into a thing in social media, dropping the hashtag #GetBeard along with this infographic that features a dozen silhouettes of beards and faces, as well as nicknames for each of them.


via @RedSox

I'll admit, "The Blue Collar" for Brandon Workman is a pretty ingenious beard name, since it's not as in-your-face obvious as, oh, I don't know, Shane Victorino's "Pineapple."

As my soul patch doesn't connect directly with the beard on my chin, I'm closer to a Lackey than a Workman. Then again, my fellow Over the Monster contributors have given me far more run support this year. Maybe I've got more of a "Canuck" thing going on.

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