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Mike Napoli earns $8 million bonus from Red Sox

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The clause for health finally kicked in, and Napoli's contract now hits its peak value.

Al Messerschmidt

Thursday marked the 165th day that Mike Napoli was on the Red Sox' active roster. It wasn't just any other day for him -- 165 days means he gets the full value of the bonuses put into his contract, which means he earned himself an additional $8 million in salary.

Napoli originally signed a three-year, $39 million deal with Boston, but it was reworked when it was revealed that he had a degenerative hip condition. Napoli took the opportunity to sign a one-year deal in order to prove he could withstand a season despite his hip, and was offered staggered bonuses for days on the active roster and for plate appearances, with the ability to reach the full and original $13 million offered to him for 2013 only coming through 165 days on the roster. Napoli has not hit the disabled list at all this year, and while he's had a few days off here and there to rest his plantar fasciitis, it's been a mostly healthy campaign.

The Red Sox first baseman is hitting .258/.351/.478, good for a 123 OPS+, and has produced over three wins according to both Baseball Reference and FanGraphs. He's been a significant part of Boston's success, and is representative of the Red Sox approach to a balanced lineup top-to-bottom, rather than one dominated by stars.

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