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Daily Red Sox Links: Ryan Dempster, Felix Doubront, Jacoby Ellsbury

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Today's links look at what Ryan Dempster has brought to this team in 2013, the recent surge by Will Middlebrooks, and Clay Buchholz's path to recovery.

Al Messerschmidt

Ryan Dempster has been far from perfect this season. But as a back of the rotation inning-eater, he's been just what the Red Sox needed. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Looking ahead to the offseason, what exactly will they do about the catcher position? (Troy Patterson; Yawkey Way Academy)

In a nice development heading towards the playoffs, Will Middlebrooks has rediscovered his power stroke lately. (Chad FInn;

Felix Doubront has hit some struggles recently, but it's tough to call his season as a whole anything but a success. (Evan Drellich;

Despite a lot of skepticism, it seems like Clay Buchholz's plan to recover from his injury was the correct one. (Rob Bradford;

Hunter Golden hands out grades for all of Ben Cherington's offseason additions. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

Jacoby Ellsbury may be out right now, but it won't hurt him in the free agency market this winter. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

Down in New York, they received some bad news about their shortstop yesterday. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

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