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Scott Boras expects Jacoby Ellsbury to return before postseason

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Scott Boras has confirmed what the Red Sox had suggested: Jacoby Ellsbury should be back before the season ends.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

There is more good news on the Jacoby Ellsbury front:

When Ellsbury was first diagnosed with a fractured right foot, both Ben Cherington and John Farrell said they expected the center fielder would be back before the beginning of the postseason. Of course, in the past, the team has not always seen eye-to-eye with Ellsbury on his injuries, and with Ellsbury due to make quite a bit of money in free agency this offseason, there was a chance that the Sox were trying to use the media to push Ellsbury towards an early return.

But when you hear the same thing from the other side, there can really be no question: Ellsbury will, barring unforeseen setbacks, be back before the end of the season. And while he might not be completely well, there's little doubt that he can still play with the injury. After all, Ellsbury played with the injury for a week before re-aggravating it, and at a fairly high level as well. A couple extra weeks off his feet can hardly hurt, too.

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