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MLB releases 2014 schedule, Red Sox start in Baltimore

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The Red Sox will start the 2014 season in Baltimore before returning home to open Fenway Park with three against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jared Wickerham

Major League Baseball has released the complete schedule for the 2014 season, including all 162 games for the Boston Red Sox.

While the regular season will actually get underway on March 22nd as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks face off in Sydney, Australlia, the Sox will open the season more than a week later on March 31st, with three games in Baltimore against the Orioles.

The Home Opener won't have to wait too long, but it will come against unusual opposition. Fenway Park's first visitors of the new year will be from the NL Central, the division the AL East is paired with for the 2014 season. First up will be the Milwaukee Brewers for a three-game series starting on April 4th.

The first Yankees series of the year will come just a few days later, as the Red Sox head into New Yankee Stadium for four games starting on April 10th. They'll return the favor with a three-game trip to Fenway from April 22-24.

While 2013 had plenty of West Coast baseball to dread, there's relatively little coming our way in 2014. The longest trip will come from June 19 to June 25 as the Sox play four in Oakland followed by three in Seattle. They'll have just one day off before making a three-game pit stop in New Yankee Stadium before finally heading home.

The pitchers will not have to worry much about hitting until late in the year, with just a two-game set in Atlanta starting on May 26th coming before August. They'll head to St Louis from August 5-7 before finishing their West Coast with three games against the Angels. Then it's right back to National League play, but only for two games in Cincinatti. They'll finish up their interleague schedule with three in Pittsburgh from September 16-18.

The end of the season, it seems, will be a compact version of this year's American League East cage match. If the division is at all close, it will be up-for-grabs in the last half of September, as the Sox finish the year with three games in Baltimore, then a pair of three-game home series against the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees.

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