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Red Sox sign international free agent Rafael Devers for $1.5 million

Boston finally makes it official, and signs one of the best international names on the market.

J. Meric

It's finally official: the Red Sox have signed international free agent third baseman Rafael Devers, and given him a signing bonus of $1.5 million, according to Baseball America's Ben Badler. Devers, a 16-year-old left-handed hitter, was ranked the #3 prospect available on the international market for this signing period.

Baseball America has a full scouting report for subscribers only, but you can have a short peek:

Devers, who plays in the International Prospect League, has a good hitting approach, excellent bat speed and a smooth, compact hitting stroke that stays in the hitting zone. He performs in games against lefties and righties, recognizes and drives offspeed pitches with the ability to manipulate the bat head and make contact on pitches out of the strike zone. He has a level swing and average raw power, which could become above-average once he gets stronger.'s Kiley McDaniel was also a fan of Devers, when he wrote about him in March when the Sox were initially linked to him:

Devers' power is fringy right now but he can hit the ball with authority to all fields and his power already shows up in game situations. This type of power ages well and while he doesn't have physical projection, Devers is young enough that he'll add some good weight and drop some bad weight.

You can get a short look at Devers' swing in this video, also from McDaniel:

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