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Game 117: Red Sox vs. Royals

Having gotten out of Houston with an all-too-difficult series win, the Red Sox move on to Kansas City to try something a little less "preserving dignity" and a little more statementish.

The Royals, you might have noticed, have gotten awfully hot in a hurry. And while they're still well back in the AL Central, they've closed in on a wild card spot. The Red Sox have dealt with this bad-team-gone-decent thing before, of course, wiping out the Blue Jays when it seemed like they were ready to make themselves legitimate contenders again.

Hopefully they'll do the same here. If not for the purpose of maintaining or even growing their division lead (that, of course, being the real motivation behind any and all of this), then in order to make sure that bad GM behavior doesn't get rewarded. I'm looking at you, Dayton Moore. Thanks for making the Rays that much better for that much longer. Jerk.

Go Sox!