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Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Xander Bogaerts, David Ortiz

Today's links bring you stories including Felix Doubront's successful season, the special resilience this team has shown all year, and an interesting look at how batting practice is done in Japan.

Bob Levey

Jacoby Ellsbury has had a great season so far, and he's starting to pull the ball with some authority again, which means the rest of the league should look out. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Another player who has been having a very good season, especially of late, is Felix Doubront. And it is huge for the rotation. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

Steven Wright's first start is reviewed by another former knuckleballer, Steve Sparks. (Evan Drellich;

This year's Red Sox team has a special resilience that never keeps them down for long. (Jordan Godwin; ESPN Boston)

Gabe Kapler is quickly becoming one of my favorite baseball writers, not only in Boston but in the entire country. This time, he writes a terrific piece on Japanese batting practice. (Gabe Kapler;

Xander Bogaerts is about as big of a can't-miss prospect as someone can be, and even he has the potential to bust at the major-league level. (Matt Kory; Sports On Earth)

Remember when David Ortiz smashed a phone and some people wanted him to be suspended but then he was only fined? Well, apparently he didn't really like that too much. (Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)

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